Melton Recycling Facility

Includes the Resale Centre, transfer station, Permanent Drop-off Site for hazardous waste disposal and recycling options for other household goods.

Resale Centre

Resale Centre

Accepts household items for resale to the community.

Hazardous household waste disposal

The Permanent Drop-Off Site enables you to recycle batteries, light tubes and CFL globes, paint and gas bottles. For disposal of chemicals check for collection events near you at home.

Keeping it out of landfill matters!

Help keep it out of landfill

Recycling options for household goods in the City of Melton

The Melton Recycling Facility (MRF)

The MRF consists of three services all at the one convenient location:

  1. The Permanent Drop-off Site
  2. The Resale Centre
  3. The Transfer Station

The Melton Recycling Facility is designed for residential use only. Trucks are not permitted, irrespective of size, unless authorised by Council.

1. The Permanent Drop-off Site

For the environmentally responsible disposal of household quantities of batteries (including car), BBQ gas bottles, fluorescent lighting and paint (conditions apply). 

Note! Chemicals are unable to be accepted and present risks to staff and other visitors to the facility. "Detox your Home" collection events occur year round throughout the state and accept a wide range of chemicals, poisons, fertilisers, solvents and more. Please check Sustainability Victoria's website 

2. The Resale Centre... from preloved to reloved

The Resale Centre is our very own op shop! It accepts most household items that can be reused, salvaged and recycled.

The goal of the Centre is to help things go around for a second (or third...) life, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. The facility is open seven days a week for free drop-offs of suitable goods. Residents must present their load to the Resale Centre boomgate attendant who will advise which items are acceptable. These can then be dropped off at the eastern end of the building, using the loading bays. This means potential savings at the transfer station by donating your unwanted but still lovable household items.

Good news! The Resale Centre has recently been enlarged and now also accepts building materials such as denailed timber, hardware and plumbing products. So make your next visit to the Melton Recycling Facility a chance to pick up a bargain or make a start on your next craft or DIY project!

For information on items accepted at the Permanent Drop-off Site and Resale Centre; please refer to our Permanent Drop-off Site and Resale Centre brochure.

3. The Transfer Station accepts;

  • Household residual waste (transported to Melbourne Regional Landfill owned and operated by Cleanaway).

Disposal of household residual waste at the MRF is charged by volume, in line with State Government fees and transporting costs.

  • Other waste such as mattresses, green waste, e-waste, concrete, timber, steel, oil and metals. These items are segregated from regular household waste and are processed for recycling where possible, and disposal of any residual materials in accordance with environmental and legislative requirements.

Disposal costs apply at the MRF gatehouse, based upon material recovery and disposal costs. Please refer to Fees table below.

E-waste: TVs and computers, whitegoods and electronic appliances

  • It's free to drop off household quantities of electronic waste ("e-waste") at the MRF. These are then taken away to be dismantled by specialist recyclers. TVs and computers especially have valuable materials that can be reused. They also contain materials hazardous to humans and our environment when disposed of in the wrong way, such as landfill or dumping.

If you have working, recent model electronic goods, you may be able to donate these to our Resale Centre - please ask staff on site.

  • The collection and processing of recyclable materials such as glass, plastics, cardboard and paper.  

These commingled items are transported to Visy for sorting and reprocessing into new materials.

Disposal is free for residents, providing the items are presented separated from regular household waste. No reductions to fees are currently possible where recyclable items are presented in loads combined with household residual waste. For example, a trailer half-filled with recyclables will be charged the regular fee for a trailer of its size.

Melton Recycling Facility also offers free mulch to all residents when available. The prodcut is provided by Council's Parks & Gardens Team once a week and is offered as first come first served. The mulch is generated from maintenance of public green spaces around our city. It is recommended that this fresh product be allowed to mature before use.

Green waste disposed by residents at the MRF is transported to Veolia Organics for processing into commercial compost and mulch. Please check Counci's website for special offers on these products during National Recycling Week in November each year.

Conditions of entry to MRF


33 - 41 Ferris Road, Melton South (Melway 343 H1)
Telephone 9743 1983

Opening hours:

Open 7 days from 8am. Last entry at 4.30pm

The Facility is closed Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day

Charity shops

Would you buy it yourself? Please do not add to the already significant waste disposal problems for op shops by leaving TVs, mattresses or household goods unfit for resale outside these stores or at their collection bins. Unsaleable goods left means a large loss of revenue for charities every month, that could otherwise be spent helping good causes. 

Melton Recycling Facility has one of the lowest priced gate fee schedules in Greater Melbourne. There are substantial penalties for dumping goods, including on roadsides, naturestrips and near charity bins. Do the right thing; take responsibility for your waste and help keep down the costs of recovering and disposing of dumped goods.


The following fees apply, unless otherwise advised, as of 1 July 2016.

Residents are provided with disposal entitlement vouchers from 1 July each year. These vouchers can be used for two visits (where single vouchers apply) to the Melton Recycling Facility OR one at-call Hard waste collection service (which requires both unused vouchers to be presented). Your rates notice will be scanned on arrival at the gatehouse. Entitlements expire on 30 June each year.

Loads Cost 
Car or station wagon  $20 or 1 rates voucher
Van/Utility  $40 or 2 rates vouchers
Small trailer (water level)  $40 or 1 rates voucher
Small trailer (heaped load)  $70
Small trailer (high sides)  $80
Large trailer (tandem)  $65
Large trailer (tandem) - heaped load  $90
Large trailer (tandem) - high sides  $140
Mattresses (price is per piece; e.g. a top and base = 2 pieces)  $30
Bulk rubbish  $100
Rock/rubble  $100

Tyres (per tyre)

Car tyres  $10
Car tyres (with rims)  $12
Light truck tyres  $15
Light truck and 4WD tyre (with rims)  $17
Truck to 1100mm  $30

Other tyres


Note: Surcharge of $2 each for tyres on rims
Heavy earthmoving, grader or tractor tyres not accepted

Questions? Melton Recycling Facility on 9743 1983 or Council's Customer Service on 9747 7200.

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