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Remember to put your bins out the night before, or by 6 o'clock on the morning of your collection, even if your collection often takes place later in the day.

Garbage bins are emptied every week in all collection areas of the City of Melton. Recycling and green waste are collected fortnightly, on alternating weeks, depending on whether you live in Area A or B. Every resident is responsible for the contents of their own bins, including items put there by other people without your permission. Please therefore ensure that materials are put into the right bins (for example, acceptable recyclables only in your recycling bin). If you believe street neighbours or passers-by are contaminating your recycle and/or green bins, we suggest putting your bins kerbside on the day of collection (by 6am) rather than the evening prior. 

Council receives daily photos and reports from its waste contractor, of problematic bin contents. Advisory letters are sent out to residents based on properties identified by the truck cameras. Repeat bin offenders are liable to receive Council infringements (fines). The most common problems are plastic bags and nappies in recycle bins, and soil and bricks in green waste bins. Please be sure you get it right on bin night! 

Missed collections should be reported within 48 hours. Collection trucks will not return if records show that bins were not presented kerbside in time for the truck to empty them. 

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Waste Services Guide

Each year, Council produces a guide for the community, that lists kerbside collection dates for your location, as well as information about managing different kinds of recyclables and waste. The Waste Services Guide is produced as an online publication. 

If you would like one of the limited paper copies printed, please contact us on 9747 7200 and we will be happy to post one to you. All newly established homes automatically receive a paper copy with delivery of kerbside bins.    

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Updated: 20 October 2015

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