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Waste Collections

Remember to put your bins out the night before, or by 6 o'clock on the morning of your collection, even if your collection sometimes takes place later in the day.

Garbage bins are collected every week in all collection areas of the City of Melton.

Recycling and green waste are collected on alternating weeks. The collection day is different in Areas A and Area B. Please note that you are responsible for the contents of your bins. If neighbouring residents use your bins - whether with your permission or otherwise - please ensure they do not deposit materials that do not belong there.

Council receives daily photos and reports of problematic bin contents from its waste contractor, and advisory letters are sent out to properties identified by the truck's camera. Repeat bin offenders are liable to receive council infringements (fines). The biggest contaminants are typically nappies and plastic bags in recycling and green waste bins. Please help us be part of the solution! 

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Waste Calendar

Each year, Council distributes a community calendar to households in the municipality. This calendar lists events and kerbside collection dates - version A or B depending on your location.  

More information on the waste calendar

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Updated: 15 August 2014

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