Support services

Financial assistance, counselling, support with relationships, parenting and housing

Council's Family Services unit helps people in a number of ways.

Contact Council's Family Services on 9747 7200 or for:

  • food for your family
  • help paying bills (like utility bills, household costs, medication)
  • help to understand what may be happening with your children, parenting information
  • referral to ChildFIRST, voluntary family support in the home
  • parenting programs like
    ­    - Breaking the Cycle (for parents dealing with angry teenagers)
    ­    - Footsteps
    ­    - Tuning Into Kids
  • generalist counselling
  • family or relationship issues
  • general assistance in finding a service or answer to a problem 

Financial assistance

Support for people who have difficulties paying their bills.


Emergency or crisis housing


Support for people who have concerns from their past or are looking for future direction.


Support for people who want to understand their children better.

Prevention of child abuse

Council is committed to addressing child abuse and promoting the health and wellbeing of children.

Preventing Violence Against Women and their Children

Preventing Violence Against Women and their Children

Council is committed to preventing violence against women and children in our community.

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