Buy Local

Why buy local and support local jobs

Keep dollars in the City of Melton’s economy – When you buy local, more money is spent within the City of Melton. More local spending means more local jobs.

  • Pride – Supporting local businesses creates a sense of pride in the local community
  • Long term opportunities – Buying local will help build capacity of businesses and lead onto export and greater employment opportunities
  • Collective campaigning - Share resources and knowledge and improve your competitive advantage
  • Resilient economy – Supporting local businesses will enable the City of Melton economy to be less dependent on outside influences

Where can I use the ‘Buy Local’ logo?

You may use the logo on your advertising, website, printed materials, store windows, cash registers and social media and in other ways to associate yourself with the principles of Buy Local > Supporting Local Jobs and benefit from the collective campaigning and awareness the brand will receive from City of Melton residents.

The Buy Local > Supporting Local Jobs brand is a public awareness initiative that highlights the positive results when consumers and business leaders support local businesses and initiatives.

How will I receive the ‘Buy Local’ logo?

If you are a business that is committed to the concept of thinking local, contact Councils Economic Development & Advocacy Unit to receive your branding toolkit on 9747 7200 or and use the materials to help promote your business and the Buy Local > Supporting Local Jobs brand.

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Updated: 30 October 2015

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