Business Excellence Awards


Nominations are now open for the 2018 City of Melton Business Excellence Awards. Proudly presented by Venture Melton and supported by Quest Caroline Springs.

Businesses are encouraged to nominate themselves and other businesses displaying excellence in the City of Melton. Nominate now, it only takes 60 seconds!

The annual Business of the Year Award will be decided by the judging panel from the individual category award winners. An Access & Inclusion Award will be awarded to the finalist that best demonstrates the virtue of Council's A City For All People strategic plan.

Nominations closed midnight Sunday 29 April 2018.


The City of Melton thanks its 2018 award partners for their support

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Business category explanations

  • Best Micro Home-Based Business - Mayoral Achievement Award - proudly sponsored by Venture Melton.
    This Mayoral achievement award is open to owner/operators from any sector with little or no additional staff beyond themselves. Applicants for this award can employ a maximum of three EFT or less in addition to the owner/operator.

  • Best Hospitality & Tourism Business Award - proudly sponsored by WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex.
    Tourism and hospitality injects “new” money into the local economy, and combined with retail, accounts for a third of local employment. It’s often the first workforce experience for local young people.
    This award is open to applicants whose principal activity is to provide a visitor or hospitality experience – e.g. wineries, accommodation, motels, hotels, bed & breakfast, tourist attraction, adventure tourism, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bistros, caterers, function and reception centres.

  • Best Trades and Construction Business Award - proudly sponsored by Atherstone Exchange.
    A precursor for rapid population growth, the construction industry invests locally to the tune of over $400 million annually on goods and services - outspending the second highest sector by a factor of almost four.
    This award is open to applicants whose principal activity is engaged in the construction of buildings and other structures, additions, alterations, reconstructions, installations, and maintenance and repairs. It also includes businesses engaged in land preparation

  • Best Retail Business Award - proudly sponsored by The GEO Group.
    Retail is the largest employment sector in the City of Melton, accounting for over 15% of all local jobs. This award is open to applicants whose principal activity is to buy and then re-sell goods to the general public or provide a service from a traditional shop front.

  • Best Creative Industries Business Award - proudly sponsored by Victoria University.
    Increasingly – content is king! With creative industries growing at twice the rate of the economy overall, those in business of delivering business, scientific, cultural or technological creativity are in high demand as suppliers and employers.  This award is open to all enterprises that have creativity at the core of its output. eg, music, design, fashion, photography, marketing and art.

  • Best Professional Services Business Award - proudly sponsored by Western Water.
    Professional services rank third in the City of Melton for the most number of enterprises. This award is open to applicants principally engaged in providing professional, scientific and technical services. For example, scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems design, law, accountancy, advertising, market research, management, analysts, consultancy and veterinary science.

  • Innovation Award - proudly sponsored by Western BACE.
    Innovation is vital to Melton’s economic performance, job creation and standards of living. As historical drivers of productivity wane, a capacity to generate value from our inventiveness is critical.  This award is open to businesses across all sectors that demonstrate they have created and implemented a new process, product, or service that has made the complex far simpler, the expensive more affordable or the impossible, possible. 

  • Community Contribution Award - proudly sponsored by Matchworks.
    The City of Melton is home to many organisations that trade in order to improve social outcomes. This award is open to businesses that apply quality commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being such as social enterprises, not-for-profits, more-than-profits.

  • Business Transformation Award - proudly sponsored by Melton Toyota.
    Business conditions change constantly and some adjust more successfully than others. This award is open to businesses in all sectors nimble and pragmatic enough to overcome significant challenges to “turn the ship around” or seize a better opportunity by successfully changing strategy. 
    So if you have identified a gap, competitive advantage or untapped market and pivoted your operation to realise it…you’re a great candidate for this award. Alternately if the business you took over was not as it seemed, you lost key customers, employees or partners, your product or service became obsolete or your industry experienced major disruption or increased competition - and you came out the other end transformed in better shape than before…. then this is for you too. 

Selection process

  1. Nomination

    Nominate yourself and as many other local business as you want - It only takes sixty seconds.

  2. Application

    After the nominations close, all nominees are notified and sent a link to the on-line application process. The application consists of a series of standard criteria questions about your operation to answer and return to us by the application deadline Friday 25 May 2018.

  3. Judging

    Two independent, discreet and experienced business professionals review all applications within a category. The Judges rank the on-line applications and determine a maximum of three category finalists.

  4. Site-Inspection/interview

    The judges contact finalists and schedule a meeting at the finalist’s premises to interview a representative of that organisation and undertake a brief tour of the operations. Judges clarify aspects of the written application and finalists elaborate on and substantiate claims made in their on-line application.

  5. Category winner declared

    After the site visits, the two category Judges determine which of the finalist warrants the award.

  6. Business of the year winner declared

    All category judges convene to determine an overall winner for the Business of the Year Award.  The Judge’s decisions on category winners and business of the year winner are publically announced at the Award’s annual Gala Dinner on 31 August 2018.