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The night will be hosted by well renowned entertainer - Michael Pope who will highlight the outstanding achievements of businesses within the municipality. There will be a special tribute to past winners as well as a three course meal, drinks and entertainment.

Date: Friday 1 September
Time: 6.30pm
Price: $95 single or a special price for a table of 10 $855
Venue: Tabcorp Park - 2 Ferris Road, Cobblebank 
Free parking available

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The City of Melton thanks its 2017 award partners for their support

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Business category explanations

  • Best Home-Based Business Award - proudly sponsored by Victoria University.
    Digital technology has transformed business, turbocharging what business can be conducted from home, to the extent that this is now the fastest growing source of business start-ups. This award is open to applicants from any sector successfully run from a residence, including mobile and online businesses operating without a fixed shopfront.

  • Best Hospitality & Tourism Business Award - proudly sponsored by WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex.
    Tourism and hospitality injects “new” money into the local economy, and combined with retail, accounts for a third of local employment. It’s often the first workforce experience for local young people.
    This award is open to applicants whose principal activity is to provide a visitor or hospitality experience – e.g. wineries, accommodation, motels, hotels, bed & breakfast, tourist attraction, adventure tourism, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bistros, caterers, function and reception centres. .

  • Best Trade and Construction Business Award - proudly sponsored by RCPA.
    A precursor for rapid population growth, the construction industry invests locally to the tune of over $400 million annually on goods and services - outspending the second highest sector by a factor of almost four.
    This award is open to applicants whose principal activity is engaged in the construction of buildings and other structures, additions, alterations, reconstructions, installations, and maintenance and repairs. It also includes businesses engaged in land preparation.

  • Best Retail Business Award - proudly sponsored by the GEO group.
    Retail is the largest employment sector in the City of Melton, accounting for over 15% of all local jobs. This award is open to applicants whose principal activity is to buy and then re-sell goods to the general public or provide a service from a traditional shop front.

  • Mayoral Achievement Award – (Best New Business Award) - proudly sponsored by Venture Melton.
    The City of Melton is a dedicated partner in new business development, so who better than the Mayor of the City to recognise the achievements of a new business? This award is open to applicants whose enterprises were established in the City of Melton since September 2015 (two years or less).

  • Best Creative Industries Business Award - proudly sponsored by Western BACE.
    Increasingly – content is king! With creative industries growing at twice the rate of the economy overall, those in business of delivering business, scientific, cultural or technological creativity are in high demand as suppliers and employers.  This award is open to all enterprises that have creativity at the core of its output. eg, music, design, fashion, photography, marketing and art.

  • Best Transport, Logistics and Manufacturing Business Award - proudly sponsored by Matchworks.
    Transport and logistics form part of the second largest business sector in the City of Melton (1178 operators). Manufacturing accounts for 223 operators, yet earns over $320million pa in regional exports for the City of Melton. This award is open to all applicants involved in the supply chain from the point of delivery of raw materials to a factory for transformation into a finished good to its dispatch to a wholesaler or retailer for sale.

  • Best Professional Services Business Award - proudly sponsored by Western Water.
    Professional services rank third in the City of Melton for the most number of enterprises. This award is open to applicants principally engaged in providing professional, scientific and technical services. For example, scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems design, law, accountancy, advertising, market research, management, analysts, consultancy and veterinary science.

  • Best Access and Inclusion Business Award - proudly sponsored by Melton Disability Advisory Committee.
    With in-excess of 10% of City of Melton residents aged over 60 and a further 17% of people with a disability; the number of people who have challenges with mobility, sight, hearing and intellectual disability is significant - and every one is a potential customer. This award is open to applications that provide an accessible and inclusive environment for all people.

    This award will consider how your business reflects the diverse needs of your customers and potential customers in a respectful, helpful and responsive way. Applicants applying for other categories who believe they can demonstrate access and inclusion, are encouraged to also nominate for this category.


Please note that the annual Business of the Year Award, proudly sponsored by Quest Apartments, will be decided by the judging panel from the individual category award winners.

Selection process

  1. Nomination

    Nominate yourself and as many other local business as you want - It only takes sixty seconds.

  2. Application

    Shortly after the nomination period closes, all nominees will be notified and sent a link to the on-line application process. The application consists of a series of standard criteria questions about your operation to answer and return to us by the application deadline

  3. Judging

    Two independent, discreet and experienced business professionals are allocated a category and review all applications received within that category. The Judges rank the on-line applications and determine a maximum of three category finalists.

  4. Site-Inspection/interview

    The judges contact finalists and schedule a meeting at the finalist’s premises to interview a representative of that organisation and undertake a brief tour of the operations. Judges clarify aspects of the written application and finalists elaborate on and substantiate claims made in their on-line application.

  5. Category winner declared

    After the site visits, the two category Judges determine which of the finalist warrants the award.

  6. Business of the year winner declared

    All category judges convene to declare each category winner and from those category winners, determine an overall winner for the Business of the Year Award.  The Judge’s decisions on category winners and business of the year winner are publically announced at the Award’s annual Gala Dinner on 1 September 2017.