Major Developments Unit

The Major Developments Unit is responsible for implementing the nine approved Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) and two draft PSPs this includes Kororoit and Plumpton.

The approved PSPs are:

More information on PSPs can be found on our Strategic Planning Page.

For more information on the draft PSPs , including the Planning Scheme Ordinance refer to Victorian Planning Authority . 

The Unit is responsible for a range of planning applications including subdivisions, medium density developments, Urban Design Frameworks and commercial developments.

The Unit is also responsible for all planning permit applications in the Urban Growth Zone where a Precinct Structure Plan has not yet been approved.

In addition to issuing planning permits in growth areas, the Unit is also responsible for the planning and delivery of infrastructure projects, the management of development contributions, and a range of implementation issues related to growth area planning.

Development Contributions

Each of the PSP areas has an associated Development Contributions Plan, which outlines the infrastructure projects required to service new communities, and the levy which developers pay to contribute towards the cost of those projects.

The Unit manages these financial contributions and ensures that projects are delivered in accordance with the PSP.

The development infrastructure levy is currently indexed to January 2017 for construction costs and July 2016 for land values.  Construction and land infrastructure costs will be indexed in accordance with the Construction and land value costs and indexation contained in the DCP for Rockbank North, Melton North and Diggers Rest.

The construction cost for each infrastructure item will be adjusted on 1 January each year for Rockbank North DCP, Melton North DCP and Diggers Rest DCP and 1 July each year for Toolern DCP and 1 September each year for Taylors Hill West DCP by applying the Rawlinsons Building Price Index.

The land value will be adjusted each year following site specific land valuations undertaken by a registered valuer.

Each DCP has different infrastructure levy rates which are indexed annually please refer to table below.

Development Infrastructure Levy Rate per Net Developable Hectare

Charge area 
Next levy increase
Diggers Rest Area 1
- Residential 
$217,165.29   1 January
Diggers Rest  Area 1
- Residential
& employment
$115,591.32    1 January
Melton North  Area 1
- Residential 
$200,487.51    1 January
Rockbank North  Area 1
- Residential
$283,587.00    1 July
Taylors Hill West  Area 1
- Residential less
Prop 14 & 15
$296,773.67   1 September
Taylors Hill West  Area 2
- Commercial
$140,663.56  1 September
Taylors Hill West  Area 3
- Prop 14 & 15
excl. Beattys Rd
$293,130.69   1 September
Toolern  Area 1 $189,118.04   1 July
Toolern  Area 2 $191,898.70   1 July
Toolern  Area 3 $176,296.43   1 July
Toolern  Area 4 $ 99,439.92   1 July

As part of the management of the Development Contributions Plans, Council is required to carry out annual land valuations.

The current land valuations can be downloaded below.


The unit has developed various templates to assist in the implementation of planning permits. These can be downloaded below.

The Unit has also developed a template Section 173 Agreement to be used for the implementation of development contributions. To discuss using the template please contact the Unit directly.

Developer Forum

The Unit has introduced regular forums for developers and consultants who are active in Melton’s growth areas. The purpose of the forums is to provide updates on Council projects and initiatives, hear from guest speakers on topics of interest such as State Government policy reviews, and for all attendees to discuss feedback on any issue.

Newsletter Updates

The Unit also circulates newsletters quarterly. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please contact Diana AuActing Coordinator of Major Developments.

Road Naming Guidelines

Council has produced a road naming guidelines to assist developers in understanding the process for the naming of roads. It can be downloaded below.

PSP Road Naming Plans

The purpose of a Road Naming Plan is to identify roads in the relevant PSP that could potentially use a heritage related name. Below is a list of Council approved WW1 and Vietnam War Veteran heritage names that we recommend be used in the following PSP areas.