Council adopts Budget and Council and Wellbeing Plan

Published on 29 June 2017

Melton City Council has adopted its 2017—2018 Budget and 2017—2021 Council and Wellbeing Plan at an Ordinary Meeting of Council this week (26 June).

City of Melton Mayor, Cr Sophie Ramsey said the budget includes a significant investment in capital works and initiatives, a two per cent rate increase in line with rate capping, and the retention of the pensioner rebate, achievements made possible by Council’s grant funding success, revenue stream diversification, debt reduction and strategic forward planning.

“Council will continue its strong investment in key infrastructure and services, with a $52.1 million investment in capital works projects including $19 million for recreation infrastructure, $15.7 million for road works, $5.4 million for buildings, and $4.6 million for bridge works,” the Mayor said.

Major projects include the extension of Caroline Springs Leisure Centre and Tennis Complex, redevelopment of McPherson Park, construction of the Westwood Drive Bridge and major transport infrastructure including the duplication of Hume Drive, Taylors Hill, and upgrades to Bridge Road, Melton.

The Melton City Council and Wellbeing Plan 2017—2021 is the key document that sets out the strategic and planning direction for Council and the community over the next four years.

To reinforce its commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of local residents, business owners and visitors alike, Council has, for the first time, incorporated its Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan into its Council Plan. This strategic decision clearly articulates that the welfare of our community is not only a key priority, but will be a major factor in influencing Council decision making going forward.

The foundation upon which the Council and Wellbeing Plan is built, has at its core, a vision for the future: A Thriving Community Where Everyone Belongs.

To help achieve this, Council has developed five guiding themes, which provide focus for planning and programming, throughout the life of the plan.

These themes are:

  • A proud, inclusive and safe community
  • A thriving and resilient natural environment
  • A well planned and built City
  • A strong local economy and lifelong learning City
  • A high performing organisation demonstrating leadership and advocacy.

Each year, in line with the budget planning process, Council will produce an Annual Action Plan that details how Council will work towards achieving its strategic objectives. This will include priority projects, capital works programming, operational improvements and service targets.

“Our new Council and Wellbeing Plan is an ambitious and well thought out document that identifies Council’s key projects and advocacy priorities for the next four years,” the Mayor said.

“These priorities will capitalise on the opportunities, and address the challenges, that our continued, sustained growth affords our municipality, and will enable us to plan and schedule the timely delivery of services and infrastructure to our ever-changing community.

“By outlining our priorities, Council will hold itself accountable and transparent in our operations.

“Our new vision, A Thriving Community Where Everyone Belongs, engenders community pride, a safe and diverse environment, where everyone is welcome, nurtured and given the opportunity to realise their greatest potential. It is the foundation upon which our new Council and wellbeing Plan is built.”

The 2017—2018 Budget and 2017—2021 Council and Wellbeing Plan are available on Council’s website.