Community Satisfaction Survey

The annual Householder Customer Satisfaction Survey provides a valuable avenue to engage with the community and better understand their needs, motivations and levels of satisfaction across a broad range of services, performance measures and issues. In total 800 households in the City of Melton are surveyed each year.

The 2017 Household Survey will be conducted over the weekend beginning 8 April 2017 and will continue until all 800 surveys have been completed.

The people conducting the survey will have appropriate ID so if you are unsure you are within your rights to ask to see their identification. They do not require entry to your house.

For further information about this year’s Survey please contact Michelle Rowe, Social Planning Officer on 9743 7244.

The Survey results support Council's commitment to community engagement and evidence informed decision making. The results will support Council's immediate and longer term advocacy efforts, budget processes and further enhance planning and service delivery.

2014 Metropolis Household Survey Overview Report(PDF, 1MB)

2016 Metropolis Household Survey Overview Report(PDF, 2MB)