We matter

Melton Advocacy Priorities

The City of Melton is in a well-placed location to support Victoria’s impending growth. The municipality offers a range of activities for members of its community, and we are actively building for the future.

Our current population is 140,422 (31 December 2016), which is expected to increase to 316,000 by 2036, with an eventual population of well over 400,000 when we reach our ultimate built-out state.

What we lack

The City of Melton actively advocates for projects to State and Commonwealth Departments on behalf of the community. In 2016, the Council ran a successful campaign in association with the National Growth Area Alliance (NGAA) for the duplication of the Ballarat rail line in the City of Melton.

As a growing municipality, the City of Melton requires more than what is being provided. We need education facilities, access to jobs closer to home, financial support from State and Commonwealth to assist in building infrastructure and real action to support a growing community. What we lack are essential provisions that other municipality's across Melbourne currently enjoy access to. We require action and careful planning by decision-makers. 

The game plan

Melton City Council will be proactive in its approach to achieve the necessary changes for the community. We intend to be forward-looking, aligning our Council Plan with modern advocacy techniques including grass-roots campaigns and developing community champions to help push our message. Our experts will be responsive to community interest and are eager to work in collaboration with State and Commonwealth departments. It is a long-term goal that will take time and money to yield the best result. 

the process

Policy Monitoring

Council departments, such as Planning, Community Planning, will monitor and hold State and Commonwealth Governments accountable for the long-term plans for the City of Melton.

Policy Communication

Council departments will engage in meaningful discussion with key decision makers to negotiate the best outcome for the region.

Grassroots Campaigns

Council will run campaigns either independently or in collaboration with aligned partners to achieve the best outcome for the municipality.

the outcome

In 2015 Council created its first Melton Advocacy Priorities booklet(PDF, 8MB). The booklet has helped shape our messages to stakeholders. The priority themes are:

1) Education, skills and local employment
2) Infrastructure development and partnerships
3) Community health and well-being
4) Transport provision and connections

At every stage of discussion with decision makers, we will aim to turn support into actionable results.

Contact us

If you would like to get involved in future advocacy efforts, contact Council's Engagement and Advocacy Department on 9747 5440